• ROV Inspection and Survey
  • Full back up ROV system
  • Short notice mobilisation
  • Trade qualified / IMCA standard Pilots, Technicians and Supervisors
  • ​​Data Assessment and Anomaly Reporting Capabilities
  • Embryonic stage liaison with your engineering team to ensure smooth project workflow either onshore, in your workshop or wharf
  • Mission failure prevention through problem identification and analysis
  • Implementation of best practice and lessons learned methodology​ 

Our engineering assessment and anomaly reporting capabilities can be directly incorporated into your integrity management system in a format that is compatible and familiar to your Engineering Department.  

We support all ROVSV and DSV operations utilising COABIS, Nexus, Visualworks, NETmc and Digital Edge systems. We provide systems for Diving & ROV inspection techniques including positional location and survey data with videos, photographs and written reports customised to the client’s requirements.